In 2020 Davide begins his collaboration with the fashion house Dolce&Gabbana.
Davide performs on September 4th at his first Alta Moda fashion show in Florence (IT) at the Antinori cellars.
In the same year, he signed 2 commercials: ”Alta Moda Donna” and ”Alta Sartoria Uomo” where he is the protagonist and composer (add this video as the first, and this video as the second).

In 2021 he becomes artistic-musical director of the “Alta Moda”, “Alta Sartoria” and “Alta Gioielleria” fashion shows in Venice (IT).
His music became the soundtrack of the spectacular parade at the Arsenale under the hail.
In 2022, on the occasion of the ”Alta Moda” fashion shows in Syracuse (IT), he composed and arranged, for the first time in history, pieces for 5 pianos playing in unison.
In the same year he was the protagonist in Japan, under the Tokyo sky, in a “High Jewelery” performance, enchanting the Asian public.
In 2023 he rearranged the famous ”Love in Portofino” for 5 pianos, which became the soundtrack of the Dolce & Gabbana X MyTheresa fashion show.
Davide has been performing since 2020 at private Dolce & Gabbana events around the world.
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